What is The North Devon Marketing Bureau?

The NDMB is a not for profit business set up to execute destination marketing for North Devon, Torridge and Exmoor.


Who are the board members of the Marketing Bureau?

The interim board are as follows:

Trevor Stanbury MBE, Owner of The Milky Way; Peter Brend, Director of the Brend Hotel Group; Stephen Carr, Managing Director of Philip Dennis Foodservice; Jane Mcleod, Centre Manager of Atlantic Village; Jo Lock, Head of Marketing, North Devon Theatres Trust; Val Wood from the North Devon Farm Holidays Group; Harry Roberts, Director, My Holiday Cottage Marketing; Nick Arthur, Head of Commercial Department, Slee Blackwell Solicitors.


How do I contact the Bureau with any ideas I may have regarding marketing?

You can email marketing@visitnorthdevon.com the NDMB direct by filling out the form on the contact us page. If you wish to speak to somebody directly, please email your details or call 01271 555 321.

What is my pledge being spent on?

All pledges go towards marketing strategies agreed by the Bureau to increase tourism in North Devon


Do I get a say on what the money will be spent on?

YES! - Every member of the Bureau has a vote/say at the AGM.

I already do all my own marketing, why should I pledge?

Your own marketing is of massive importance, as it is for all North Devon businesses. But by pledging, you will help to ensure that tourists still flock to North Devon. Once they are here, your personal marketing will have a larger audience.


How Much should I pledge?

Your pledge amount is completely down to you.

How long am I committing to?

Your pledge is for the same amount each year, for the next 3 years, as long as you are able. This is because we need to be able to plan ahead. Many pledgers have advised they are happy to increase, even double their pitch once they see the NDMB is working and boosting tourism. 


I want to pledge, what do you need from me?

Get in touch! Email us the details and we’ll get in touch to confirm your pledge!


I have pledged, what happens next?

Invoicing will commence shortly. In the meantime you should receive your invite to the training seminar on March 3rd/4th (email us if you have not received this). As soon as the new NorthDevon.com website is live you will be given details to register and update your listing. If you would like to appear on the current NorthDevon.com website in the meantime then please get in touch. 



If you have any more questions or still require any further information – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.