Why The NDMB?

From the beginning of 2015, there has been no money to promote North Devon as a tourism destination. Upon finding this out, Trevor Stanbury MBE of The Milky Way Adventure Park brought together some of the areas other tourism business owners to discuss the future for North Devon tourism. 

It was unanimously decided that we couldn’t simply sit and hope that tourists would continue to flock to North Devon on reputation alone and that something needed to be done. So the North Devon Marketing Bureau was re-ignited. 

Many will remember the work of the NDMB in the late nineties and early noughties. The Bureau was funded by pledges from North Devon’s business owners and marketed North Devon as a destination with huge success. 

The interim board (Directors will stand for re-election at each AGM) was put together and events held across North Devon to explain what the NDMB was out to achieve. 

We realised when we passed £60,000 worth of pledges from just 84 businesses that we were going to be able to achieve our goal to create an independent organisation to undertake the task of destination marketing for North Devon & Exmoor. So we have been concentrating our efforts on sorting out the short term marketing problems which were threatening to see the website (NorthDevon.com) and all marketing activities to be shut down at Christmas. We can confirm that this objective has been successfully accomplished.

It is gratifying that the ancillary industries have recognised the seriousness of the situation that we all find ourselves in and are now prepared to seriously invest in this marketing initiative. Many of the main suppliers of goods and services are already signed up and others are set to follow. We feel we are going to create a truly independent private sector marketing organisation which will have the strength to stand on its own two feet and drive our industry forward.

Our aim is to increase our media presence and to reinforce our position nationally as the destination of choice. This will enable us to better fill the beds and high streets increasing the prosperity of the region for the benefit of all!

The company will belong to members or those who invest in it. Everyone will have equal voting rights at the AGM's. They will be held annually at the Queens Theatre, Barnstaple, compliments of North Devon Theatres.

It is important to note that there are several media companies who have given free time and advice which has been much appreciated, Blue Soup, BlueFrog Media, Salt Media, The Olden Group and Spice advertising. It is also important to recognise the huge amount of work and financial support that North Devon+ has given us over the past few months. They have been dipping into reserves where necessary and are even finding the money to pay for our new website. I personally want to thank Sue Marshall for the skill and enthusiasm that she brings to the table, we would not be this far advanced without her and the teams help. Finally thank you to Roy Riley and Kevin Nicholson who have allowed us free use of photos for the lorry etc.

We are asking you to pledge what you think it is worth to have a private company running the destination marketing for North Devon. Please remember we hope you will not be viewing this as how cheaply can I become a member!
We are allowing all those who pledge £150 or more to have a free web advert at least for the first year, this will make things easier for the team to get the new web site up and running.